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17th January 2008
From the Wings: The AVIS College Bulletin, January 2008: The Great Transition?

31st October 2007
From the Wings: The AVIS College Bulletin, October 2007: Rolling Back CBPP

22nd August 2007
From the Wings: The AVIS College Bulletin, August 2007: World Rabies Day

22nd June 2007
From the Wings: The AVIS College Bulletin, June 2007

18th May 2007
From the Wings: The AVIS College Bulletin, May 2007

17th May 2007
OIE General Session 2007 - meet us and review the AVIS Portal.

31st March 2007
From the Wings: The AVIS College Bulletin, March/April 2007

22nd February 2007
From the Wings: The AVIS College Bulletin, February 2007

11th January 2007
From the Wings: The AVIS College Bulletin, January 2007

20th September 2006
TAIEX and AVIS Workshop on September 14

4th August 2006
Mid-year Message from AVIS College

24th January 2006
New release: Avian Influenza 2006

1st January 2006
New Year Message 2006 from AVIS College.

6-8th April 2005
AVIS FMD presented at the EU FMD Commission Annual Meeting, FAO Rome

14-18th March 2005
Scottish Veterinary Services successfully pilot AVIS FMD.

1st January 2005
New Year Message 2005 from AVIS College.

October 2004 EUFMD
AVIS FMD made available to the participants in EUFMD Research Group Open Session, 12-15 October 2004, Chania, Crete.

July 30 2004
Streamlined login for online users and subscribers to AVIS program. Regular visitors to this page should click the refresh button!

19th July 2004
Register now for hands on courses in Molecular Biology Laboratory Techniques.

4-7th July 2004
AVIS FMD made available to the Royal Show.

29-30th June 2004
AVIS FMD made available to DEFRA UK for Operation Hornbeam.

24th May 2004
AVIS announces publication of CBPP at the OIE.

27th April 2004
AVIS announces publication of its completely revised 2004 edition.

19th May 2003
AVIS College demonstrate two new programs at the annual OIE meeting.
CBPP and FMD 2003

10th April 2003
AVIS College launches its web presence!

AVIS College


Preventing, Managing and Responding to High Impact Animal Diseases

Many animal diseases affect society as a whole, not just the immediate animal owners and their communities. They also have major social and economic consequences. Such diseases are addressed by AVIS as High Impact Animal Diseases (HIADs). They include FMD, Avian Influenza, Rabies and many others.

Interoperability in Practice
Interoperability in practice

FMD screen shot

AVIS: Combining an Expert College with Online Disease Management

AVIS (Advanced Veterinary Information System) is dedicated to the prevention, management and eventual eradication of high-impact animal diseases, whether known or emerging. AVIS College experts are available to assist as needed. The AVIS Portal provides a complementary on-line resource of peer-reviewed knowledge and expertise, available at any time. AVIS can be used for professional development and support, training, reference, capacity building, risk communications or day-to-day analysis and management of risk.

Peer Review

AVIS content is constantly updated, benefiting from individual and institutional contributions from all over the world, including Institute of Animal Health, UK , the Food and Agriculture Organization, and leading universities and reference laboratories. All content is peer-reviewed.

Risk Communications

High Impact Animal Diseases have the power to disrupt whole countries and regions, not just animal owners and breeders. Successful approaches to disease prevention and management must engage all stakeholders. This puts risk communications at a premium. AVIS College staff can help you develop and implement a comprehensive risk communications strategy. The key to success is interoperability - the ability to make teams work effectively together using common communications technologies and techniques.

One World, One Medicine

AVIS College works within a "one world/ one medicine" framework. Hence it operates an equity pricing policy, based on capacity to pay. The College veterinarians and in-house IT staff have long-standing expertise in providing knowledge management and knowledge transfer to stakeholders - owners, producers and veterinarians. AVIS is used in over 150 countries.


Contagious Bovine Pleuro-Pneumonia (6 modules)FMD screenshot - Resources

Foot and Mouth Disease (6 modules) / Fiebre Aftosa (Español)

Poultry Diseases (3 modules)AI Screenshot
Overview of Key Diseases
Poultry Hygiene
Newcastle Disease

Rabies (4 modules) / Rabia (Español)
The Disease
Prevention and Control

Rinderpest (6 modules)
Recognizing Rinderpest
Diagnosing RinderpestSVD Screenshot
Practical Guide for Field Personnel
Disease and Serological Surveillance
Picture, Print and Promote – Village Education

African Horse Sickness
Overview + Resources

African Swine Fever
Overview + Resources

Avian Influenza
Overview + Resources

Overview + ResourcesPPR Screenshot

Overview+ Resources

Classical Swine Fever
Overview + Resources

Peste des Petits Ruminants
Overview + Resources

Swine Vesicular Disease
Overview + Resources

Overview + Resources 

AVIS was founded in 1992 by Professors John Bourne, Institute for Animal Health, UK , and Professor Julian Hilton, Chairman, Aleff Group. It was supported by both FAO and OIE from the outset. Since 2002, AVIS has been managed through the AVIS College, whose officers are:

President: Dr. Apostolos Rantsios, DVM, Ph.D., former President WVMA

Project Manager: Dr. Malika Moussaid, Ph.D., Doctorat es Troisième Cycles

Chairman: Professor Julian Hilton, MA, D.Phil.

Scientific Coordinator: Dr. John Anderson, Head of Laboratory, IAH, Pirbright